Keepin’ It Fresh

Keepin' It Fresh


Two of the greatest things the summer season provides are fresh vegetables and fresh fruit picked from a local farm.

Summertime makes it easier for us to eat healthy because fresh produce is more readily available. If you are trying to eat healthier, summertime is a good time to start!

A great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables is a farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets always tantalize me. I love the bright, beautiful colors of the fruits and vegetables which draw me in with their messages of “pick me!”

On a recent trip, I was looking at a few vegetables that I’ve never tried before. I heard their messages to buy them loud and clear, but this time I answered them back with, “And just how am I supposed to use you, exactly?”

I typically do better if I have a recipe and a plan. But on this trip, I had no plan and no recipe. So I thought to myself, if I just grab a few things that look good, surely I will come up with a way to cook them later.

As I was leaving, the combination of things I ended up with looked a little strange… prompting the cashier to ask me what I was planning on making. I told him I had no idea. I was just buying the items because they looked pretty! (At least I was being honest.) 🙂

Then I took the items home and just stared at them until it finally dawned on me what to make: omelets! The veggies I bought were perfect omelet fodder. And oh what delicious omelets they made!

Like everything else in life, finding new ways to stay motivated and inspired is key to living well. Cheers to trying something new this summer!

With lots of love,

Nurse Kelly


Keepin' It Fresh

Omelet made with fresh kohlrabi, beet greens, zucchini blossoms, and purple sweet potato… no, I am not a food photographer!


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