Another Kind of Famine

FullSizeRender (9)“Go on, help yourself; I can wait.” There was a large bowl of colorful, cooked peppers and a plate of stone-ground tortillas on the small table in the alley.

Anna wiped her hands on her apron. That sheet looks dry, she thought. “No, no fish today Elena, I’m sorry.” She spun around, catching the bowl of peppers just before they spilled on the ground. “Miguel! The dogs!”

The strain left Anna’s hair coarse, nails ragged, but she never complained.

“Take this to Luis. He hasn’t eaten in two days.”

“But it’s the last one, Mama! The last one!

“Miguel. What do we count at night?”

“Blessings, Mama.”

“Go now. Kiss the virgin on the way.”

The table in the alley stood empty. A few new stains on the covering were all that remained. Anna dipped her finger inside the large, empty bowl, finding a small bit of poblano pepper. She smiled as the dogs approached her, their tails wagging in a cloud of gathering dust.




27 thoughts on “Another Kind of Famine

  1. A famine of food, but not of heart. Tragic because it’s often so true.

  2. thefeatheredsleep


  3. Kindness and love takes many forms. Nicely done, Kelly.

  4. That was brilliant, Kelly. If stuff like this comes to you, even in the middle of the night, grab on and ride with it. 💛 💙

  5. We take so much for granted in life. We owe it to ourselves and others to reach out and help where we see a need rather than turning our heads believing someone else will handle it. Great piece.

  6. this is so poignant and beautiful, kelly –

  7. The realism is great and I love how much of a scene we got from such a short write. Well done Kelly!

  8. Going to do some more on this one Kelly? Just wondering. I really liked it.

    • Thank you, Trent. And yes, I’ve been working on this. I know it was rough and abrupt… wrote it like a scene from my mind, trying harder to show and not get hung up on construction. Glad you liked it – thanks again!

  9. Hungry bellies, full hearts. A heartbreaking reality you have expressed eloquently.

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