On Display

On DisplayFlesh molded into clay into marble.

Words etched on porcelain skin.

Vulnerability chipped; chiseled to bone.

Brittle little fingers ground down into salt.

Lines split.

Imperfections surface.

Voice is given to what lies underneath.

No mysteries, no conceits, no pretense remains.

Be here because you want to be.

(Your not-so-secret secrets are showing.)

You are real.

And your pain is exquisite.

Now suck in your breath and say that’s better.

It’s you, yourself, who is calling.




29 thoughts on “On Display

  1. look in the mirror and say what you really see.

    • Yes… self-reflection here, however, what is at the very core is often hidden by accepted illusions and hard to uncover… if ever.
      Good to see you – looking forward to catching up!

  2. I really like the poem, feels raw. But the image is a bit disturbing…

    • I’m glad it felt raw… was thinking about depth; exposing oneself through writing, really.
      I took that photo in the lobby of a hotel where I was staying recently. That was an antique doll that was excavated from the grounds where the hotel was built. I liked that the photo showed her “insides” and thought it went well with this piece… hope that explanation makes it less disturbing… but maybe not! lol

  3. thefeatheredsleep

    Insightful my friend – as you always are (do not forget this) xo

    • Thank you. I won’t forget that and appreciate you taking the time to say it. Feel the same way about everything you write, Candice. xo

      • thefeatheredsleep

        I know you’ve been through so much lately I often read and do not say things not because I do not care but sometimes reading what you feel seems to be what is best than some trite comment but I did want you to know both that you were insightful and wise and much beloved here on WP but that your suffering doesn’t ever go unnoticed and you are very cared about. I know it’s hard because I share that but you are not alone, because I admire you for who you are, and the power of your beautiful mind

      • Thank you for your sentiments, Candice, I sincerely appreciate your kindness and want you to know I don’t really consider myself suffering any more than anyone else… other than having a very busy life and still figuring myself out, I am perfectly fine! Do you know things about me that I don’t yet?! lol
        Perception is a strange thing for sure! Thank you again for caring, though, it means a lot to me. xo

      • thefeatheredsleep

        I guess ‘suffering’ is a big word I think I was thinking existential but my English gets confused (I was born in France and grew up with that as my first language) anyway yes I know you understood really and past my confused whatevers that I care and I think we all suffer and if we know others are there, and care, it helps. 🙂 You are a lovely person xo

      • I know exactly what you mean and felt your words… that’s all that matters. And yes, it means the world to know others care. Thank you so much. xo

      • thefeatheredsleep

        You are so deserving and such a ray of light on this WP world I am glad to be one to remind you of this and appreciate what you do because you do a lot xo

      • Thank you for those words, Candice.
        I don’t know that I do a lot, but I do hope you think larger than WP when you write… your talent should not be contained.
        I wish you the very best. xo

      • thefeatheredsleep

        Thank you for saying that, mostly I just know since writing here I have read your work regularly and you are one of the writers who inspires me. xo

  4. Seems like the very heart of both pieces is missing. Do your words mean to reflect the images?

  5. Ah, I love this. It is so true that the true, vulnerable self is the best self. It is so difficult for us to live this way truly, constraining ourselves against societal standards; However if we can accomplish this than we will find true joy in articulating our true selves. Thanks for the thought, Kelly. You write beautifully.

    • Perfectly stated, Mack. Thank you very much for sharing your insight with me. Nothing has helped me more in finding my true self than writing has. I wish the same for you. Thanks again. xo

  6. The pain is exquisite. Oh, that got under my skin, Kelly. Beautifully done. How are you? So sorry I’ve gone missing. I’ve missed you! xo

    • Hi Amy! Thank you. I’ve missed you too! I’m doing okay… ups and downs like everyone else, but not complaining.
      Hope all is well and that you are busy with writing in those times you go missing! xo

  7. very moving piece… “Brittle little fingers ground down into salt.” fragile yet brutal, very well written.

  8. The picture speaks a lot about the way people see themselves and how they want to be, so many thoughts with that one image 🙂

  9. I “heard” (read between the lines?) that we should look beyond the artifices of costume, dress and appearance. I think we need to understand our own selves before we can join someone’s self and heart. I am still working on myself and hope I can have a relationship. We shall see!
    Blessings and good wishes and my your way, Kelly. xo

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