Instant Replay

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True to an Aquarian, I’m impulsive, emotional, and very driven. And I often don’t ask for what I need. Typically, at the end of a hectic day that bleeds right into night, I untangle by slathering a hydrating mud mask on my face, followed by a soak in an Epsom salt and lavender bath… aaahhh. The warm water washes comfort over me and helps to soothe the crazy, at least on the outside.

But what’s happening on the inside when I feel this way?

I have to ask myself if this state of mind, this feeling of needing to escape is actually nothing more than an illusion – a place I let my mind create where stress and tension is simply amplified.

I do believe our thoughts create our reality, and I try to live optimistically and think as positively as I can. I also believe it’s important to recognize the good things we accomplish or manifest in our lives on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, I think we accomplish a lot more than we realize, even though we drive ourselves into the ground day after day barely acknowledging this. I know I rarely stop to let myself feel a sense of accomplishment because I’m too busy moving on to the next “thing.”

But if you spend a few moments thinking about this, you realize all of us make magic constantly, we really do. And I think we should try more often to notice that; to pause, breathe, and replay our victories, the positive contributions we make on a daily basis, no matter how big or how small they may be.

This evening, sipping on a cup of matcha tea after yet another crazy day, I spent a few moments reflecting on nothing but the good… I paused, I noticed, and it made me feel great.

And guess what? It helped rejuvenate me in both body and soul much better than soaking (sometimes sulking) in the tub. And even though I still find a long, hot bath very relaxing, this time I “shimmied” out the door instead, feeling happy with myself as I took a little sunset stroll. After all, one can never see enough sunsets.


With much love,

 Kelly xoxo



35 thoughts on “Instant Replay

  1. So many people do not treat themselves as well as they should. As I have noted on various Blogs over the past couple of years – a favorite quote : “If you treated your friends like you treat yourself, would you have any?” Makes for some interesting pondering time, perhaps in a long hot bath!!! 🙂

  2. I love sunset strolls too Kelly, and your idea to acknowledge our accomplishments. 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s so true. The peacefulness of a sunset can give us so much energy and inner warmth. It is always a wonderful way for me too to be outside in nature around that time and it strengthens and fills me. Great post, Kelly!

  4. it’s so good to stop and take care of ourselves. often, who we think of last –

  5. I’m an Aquarian, too, and I love this post. Many thanks.

  6. That’s the right attitude, Kelly. It will make all the difference!

  7. Wouldn’t it be great to be mindful all the time instead of rushing ahead from one thing to the next? You’re right, Kelly, that we accomplish a lot each day. Taking a moment to recognize it and sit in gratefulness often brings a sense of peace.

    • I agree, Diana. And I think finding peace and looking for balance is important to self-preservation every day. And I don’t think giving ourselves permission to reflect on good things we’ve done necessarily undermines humility… especially if it helps lift us up now and then. We can be so hard on ourselves and get so caught up in nobility it seems… I wonder how much of that is rooted in ego, to be honest.

      • I think humility is more about giving credit where credit is due and acknowledging all the people who help make something happen. It’s not like there is a limited supply of “accomplishments” that have to be sparingly doled out. We can all accomplish great things every day and we’d never run out. Sort of like love.

      • I’m glad you said that, because I was thinking about it, and with my kids I’ve often said empty praise statements like,”You should be so proud of yourself,” and “Look at what you did,” or “Great job,” in order to build them up… which actually just teaches them to focus only on their own accomplishments… and not seeing their accomplishments as part of something bigger… even though I know much greater things are accomplished when you view yourself as only part of something… which gives one a much bigger reason to strive… thanks for that, Diana! Another way I screwed my kids up has been brought to light! lol

      • Ha ha. I doubt it. I imagine your kids are just fine and they probably appreciate a job well done 🙂

      • I hope so… but why is it so easy to know the right thing to do after something happens?! And why does the other line always move faster?!
        Oh well! Have a good afternoon, D! 🙂

  8. You share such honest feelings and emotions that so many people hide behind. Your words will help people uncover realities holding them back in life. They will make people feel less isolated and alone in their thoughts and actions.

    As therapeutic an experience this has been for you, it will synergistically benefit the blogging world and their ability to see life from a healthier more positive perspective.

    Thank you from ALL of us!

    • Your encouragement means the world to me, Jonathan. Writing here is often my own therapy… and I’m always happy if someone else can relate to things I experience.
      This is the post I mentioned on your blog in response to your post about attitude.
      Thank you for the work you do as well, especially for your dedication and positive attitude which really make a difference. 🙂

  9. Power of being positive. It is hard to remember to be kind to yourself. We are always so busy and focused on taking care of everyone else! Thanks for the reminder. Cheers. — Audra

    • Exactly, my dear Audra! And taking care of everyone else is a huge victory that we should feel good about, right?!
      Now if I could only figure out what to make for dinner! lol
      Thanks, Audra xo

  10. It is so wonderful to focus on good and beautiful things at least for a few minutes.

  11. This is a lovely reflection Kelly! Taking time to pause and absorb our own goodness nourishes the soul and allows us to let go. 💕

  12. Self-compassion comes first. Oh what a challenge that us. Wonderful piece!

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