One of Those Days



I believe we need the earth and sky like we need food and water.

Give me wildflowers and I feel like I know what it is to be truly loved.

They grow where they want to, providing subtle, simplistic beauty in unexpected places enhancing everything.

More imperfect than conventional flowers, they shine in the sunlit hours, but also in the hours before and after, not afraid to show sadness or bliss; comfortable with their honesty.

Like you.

I remember when you picked some for me… the smell so sweet after you inhaled them first with a big belly breath that made you sneeze three times in a row.

“He loves me,” I laughed, as I plucked a petal between my lips.

But you didn’t engage in that silly game.

Instead, you simply said, “He does.”



Thank you always for reading,




44 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. So lovely. Happy Tuesday to you too 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos and poem. We do need nature for serenity and renewal.

  3. I love wildflowers Kelly, beautiful post 😀

  4. Nice, Kelly! And as I read your words I was reminded of (and nurtured by) my affinity with water (as in lakes/ oceans & streams)… akin to your love of wildflowers.

    • I love water too, Eric. I’m an Aquarius if that has anything to do with it! I’m glad to know this piece brought something you enjoy to your mind.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  5. This post made me want to go outside and take pictures of flowers, Kelly 🙂 I suspect I will.

  6. Nice to read, simple and carefree. Creates a nice warm sensation and allows me to gaze through the window up at the sky and appreciate the simple beauty of life.

  7. Very sweet. I love that last line..:)

  8. Wildflowers…”comfortable with their honesty”. Perfect. Love this post, Kelly. 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼 🌸 💐

  9. I am happy just reading this, Kelly. Happy for you, enjoying spring flowers and love.
    Isn’t this cool? I had a post from a dandelion’s point of view! Another weed or wild flower depending on your perspective! 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin! Funny how the word “weed” has such negative connotations yet many are lovely plants.
      I found dandelions to be so pretty as a child and picked bouquets of them all the time… and popped the heads off and blew the seeds when they dried as well. I even made chains of them by twisting the stems together! You know?!
      Did you ever hold them under your chin to see if they reflected their yellow color? We would say that if they did, it meant you liked butter. lol
      But now they bug the heck out of me when they pop up in the grass! Maybe I need to go pick a bouquet again to get some of that carefree perspective back.
      Thanks, Robin! 🙂

      • I mentioned the very same things throughout my replies, Kelly! Why do we consider these weeds, did anyone remember the butter thingy, along with making chains like daisies but dandelions instead and wearing rings of them as bracelets and in my hair like a “bride.” Warm regards and hugs, Robin xo

  10. This is so sweet to read that I am literally smiling foolishly. Wildflowers do look beautiful in the rough 🙂

  11. Travel Nurse April

    Beautifully written. This is my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ah, so romantic, Kelly. Sounds like she found the one!

  13. Lovely pics & poem 🙂

  14. A love poem! As sweet and natural and true as a wildflower.

  15. We have some lovely wildflowers in our garden… and they are just lovely to look at.. (as well of course some that we plant)… I often think about how many nurseries there are and how we flock every springtime to plant some beauty just for a few months…. Years ago I’m certain most of people’s gardens were wildflowers……….. Diane

    • That’s a good point, Diane. And I’m sure their gardens were just as lovely. I prefer a more natural, wild look anyway.
      We’ve had such cold weather lately, I had to bring all of the flowers I bought recently inside. I’m also starting seeds for veggies and herbs and the trays are inside too.
      Hope all is well with you – thanks, Diane! xo

  16. Oh, this is lovely Kelly, sweet and tender.

  17. I, too, am wild about wildflowers. Lovely post.

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