Story and Song



I’m letting go of the shadows, the shapes, the odd fins that have lurked over the years, and I’m jumping off the rocks into the wild, dark ocean before sunrise.

I will not fear what’s under the surface.

Interpreting the beauty in my life in all its ever-changing forms, unpredictable, raw —

I pay homage to the tranquil and also to the jagged.

Immersed in love, immersed in energy, I illuminate the waves; I will capture what is stunning, and I will pursue my course through the magnificent, stately waters that I choose.

The sharks that once hunted – that once haunted – have all been vanquished.

Their bites no longer leave an impression.




33 thoughts on “Story and Song

  1. Dive deep, bring your harpoon, and give the sharks hell. Fear nothing, right Kelly?

  2. Love waves crashing on rocks! And, if I understand correctly, I totally agree with the point of the post as well. I’ve always believed that living life means experiencing it all. As you say, pay homage to the tranquil and also to the jagged. It’s all a part of life that should be experienced rather than avoided.

    • Perfectly said, Mark! Each moment just longs to be met in its own way, requiring the care and attention it needs… and we have to experience them all directly.
      I think we can find ways to co-exist with the untamed nature of life if we keep the jagged moments in perspective.
      Thank you so much for your thoughts. 🙂

  3. They’ve lost their teeth! Beautiful message

  4. leave those sharks behind in your wake, kelly –

  5. A manifesto…very powerful, Kelly. 💕

  6. You make a fearless mermaid!

  7. This was absolutely fabulous, Kelly. A manifesto that describes how I choose to live life as well. The good, the bad and the ugly will be part of it but we must choose to face them, move forward and turn those experiences into learnings. We’ll come out better, stronger and happier!

  8. This line is perfect: “The sharks that once hunted – that once haunted – have all been vanquished.”

  9. Awesome, Kelly. I love this. Those bites feel so terrifying and painful and yet they’re illusions. Once vanquished they lose their power. A profound poem of courage and mastery over fear.

    • Thank you, Diana! Perfect!
      WE leave the impressions, not fear and pain. Never!
      We can control how much power we give them and must be careful to not conform to their patterns.
      Thank you so much, as always. 🙂

  10. This piece of writing shows through adventure you can feel the real essence of nature and love to be a part of it.Very nicely described, I like each and every words and lines of the article Nurse:)

  11. What powerful images, Kelly. You share both strength and softness in these words, and overall empowering. I have a few sharks that need vanquishing. You’ve stimulated some thinking!

  12. Overcoming fears is very liberating. Enjoy the hunt😊

  13. I feel the release. Dive in, Kelly! Feel the rush and enjoy the ride.

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