How can you stop if you haven’t even started?

The world spins, we talk about life,

but I can’t make sense of that.

On the plane I asked you to dive with me.

 You wouldn’t.


Shadows cross, obscuring my view;

I emerge out of nowhere.

The background noise, insistent.

“Why hope?

Who knows?

There is no certainty after all.”


I can’t stop the thunder in my dreams

I can’t wait in line unnoticed

… the difference, you ask?

There is simply no hesitation in what I do.



35 thoughts on “Driven

  1. That last line’s a killer. Great writing, Kelly.

  2. Very nice Kelly, Lots of meaning here!

  3. No hesitation…it makes all the difference. ❤️

  4. Love this, Kelly. Letting go of fear does feel like jumping out of an airplane! The first time is always the hardest. And what a thrill. You are right that there’s no certainty at all – I could choke on my morning bagel – so why not go out there and live. 🙂

  5. Love the sentiment; never let anyone or anything hold you back from living the life you choose. How do we accomplish this? We engage our brains with positive thoughts and ideas. This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters (especially dopamine {a feel good chemical}) to produce actions. It is important to realize that positive changes in life DO NOT start with changes in behavior; they starts with changes in our brain vision and thought processes. Your story shows this in action.
    Well done, Kelly

    • Hi Jonathon! Yes, it’s kind of like a chicken or the egg thing, isn’t it. The thought process comes first then the behavior follows. Don’t fear change; be fearless in life. Thank you so much for your thoughts.

  6. I love the last line, Kelly. That’s definitely all about being driven. That’s awesome if that’s how you’re feeling! Much of what we do is at least half mental. xoxo

  7. I never thought much of poetry, but this is good and to the point. I like it when an artist actually has something to say, and doesn’t write just for the sake of writing. You are one of those who have something to say. Well done, Kelly!

  8. I feel as if you are speaking to me 😊

  9. On the chance that we have only one life, there is no excuse not to live it

  10. Now that’s an interesting poem and one that did not need a lot of words to convey the message, especially with that last line. I love great endings in poetry and stories. Nicely done.

  11. Hmm…interesting. I keep rereading it just trying to understand it more but I’m more captivated by the feeling of it. So I say great job Kelly!

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