No Distance

there is no distance


Dedicated to my beloved daughter

There is no distance for a mother, she knows her child and by instinct how they fare. For when they cry and if they hurt, like a clap of thunder, a mother’s eyes instantly flash her knowing concern. A child’s pain is a mother’s pain; shared, until it is resolved.

A child never really leaves.

Like an apparition, a mother senses them always. She feels them, smells them, hears them, glimpses them in the dark. And though their physical distance may bring despair, emptiness, pain — a mother’s need for her child’s happiness supersedes all distress with a burning intensity rivaling the sun.

There simply is no other love like this.

Found in the midst of vacant spaces, absent sounds, peculiar feelings, two shadowy figures walk together – forever together – to shine love’s light until the end of time.