Second Thoughts



She will never forget the way the September air felt on her skin, its sweet caress pressing with acceleration; an almost-kiss.

Driving down a twisted coastal highway, her thoughts eat up the road.

She knows how to drive. Her senses keen, demeanor refined as creamy leather.

There are many different entry points for this story, she muses, engaging the rear-view mirror with a glance. Fast and aware, panicked and slow… or fearless?

“Last hairpin turn.” She lowers her chin, focusing intensely on the road ahead.

Around the bend, the autumn sun rises over a sparkling beach to the east. She stops abruptly, even though she is halfway home.

Wading into the water, her gauze dress still soaked with the scent of Acqua di Gio, she washes herself clean, like a baptismal rite of passage into new life.

I’m going back, she decides, sand sticking with each hurried step, hair dripping in the ocean breeze… the sky, the most brilliant shade of blue she’s ever seen.





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